Abbey Road Red presents Titan Reality

22nd October 2015
Say hello to Titan Reality, the first company to join our incubation program. We met Titan Reality back in August 2015 while we were setting up our incubator, and were so impressed that we decided to invite them to jump the queue and join the program before we even opened applications to the public.
Titan Reality are developing advanced musical interfaces and instruments using patented 3D sensing technologies. After 4 years of R&D, the company are now ready to start launching their hardware and software products.
Unlike other musical controllers their first product, the Pulse*, tracks movement and shapes in 3 dimensions, so can sense the size of any object placed over it, as well as its speed and position, allowing users to control software with really fine and expressive detail using just their hands - or whatever else they chose to place over its highly responsive sensors.
But that’s just the start. Titan Reality have big ambitions – their software platform, built from the ground up to run on most platforms, gives users access to a vast and ever expanding library of instruments and effects, including rare drums and other equipment.
We are looking forward to working alongside Titan Reality over the coming months.