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Abbey Road Red In Conversation With The Audio Hunt

Abbey Road Red In Conversation With The Audio Hunt

27th February 2017

Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. It is attributed to Batiste Safont, and the original version can be found here.

Today we turn our attention to one of the companies currently on the Abbey Road Red incubation program, online network for music makers The Audio Hunt.

The Audio Hunt’s unique platform gives music makers located anywhere in the world access to rare audio equipment and music professionals. By providing a single location for all suppliers and all customers, The Audio Hunt is able to operate Uber style, pairing music makers together in real time, sparking real meaningful musical collaborations.

Democratisation of access and online collaboration are two ongoing developments in music making that we firmly support here at Abbey Road, and it is exciting to watch The Audio Hunt community grow.

For a bit more insight into The Audio Hunt’s mission, watch Jon Eades, Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red in conversation with The Audio Hunt’s CEO, Steve Bartlett.