Abbey Road Equalise Session | International Transgender Day of Visibility | Mini-Doc

Our Abbey Road Equalise programme is designed to inspire and empower under-represented groups to enter and find their place in music production

To celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility, we've produced a mini documentary filmed during a one-day recording session with a fully Trans*/ Non-Binary / Gender Diverse production team, including Charlie Deakin Davies, Max Blue Churchill, Jesley Faye and artist Andrea Di Giovanni.

The team share their experiences with the intention of normalising the roles of Trans*/ Non-Binary / GD identifying people within the studio and to educate, by providing the right language to address people in these spaces and to direct people exploring their identity to safe, friendly and responsible resources.

NOTE: Charlie, Max and Jesley are part of the same support bubble.

Abbey Road Equalise Session | #TransDayOfVisibility​ | Mini Doc