Abbey Road And Technics Join Forces

15th June 2016
Abbey Road Studios and Technics are proud to announce that they have joined forces for the launch of the brand new Grand Class turntable range – the SL-1200GAE and SL-1200G.
Their release marks the 50th anniversary of Technics turntables and the new SL-1200s - which are now in residency at the Studios - have been developed for audiophiles looking to rediscover and experience the unique sound quality of vinyl. They will be released this summer, with the SL-1200GAE available only in a limited run of 1200 units.
The Studios will host the highly anticipated redesigned versions of the Technics SL-1200 turntables in the mastering studios and restaurant, for use by artists, engineers and visitors alike. 
Senior mastering engineer Geoff Pesche, who has owned a pair of the original Technics 1210s for 30 years, had this to say, “I recently had a demo of the new Technics SL1200GAE in Mastering Room 5. Beautifully crafted, with a heavy platter I’ve not seen before in a domestic turntable, it tracked everything seamlessly. This is a benchmark turntable for the 21st Century.”