85 Years Of Abbey Road, Streaming Now

85 Years Of Abbey Road, Streaming Now

11th November 2016

This weekend Abbey Road Studios turns 85 years old!

To celebrate eight and a half decades of incredible recordings since our doors first opened on 12th November 1931, we are officially opening as a studio on streaming services Spotify and Apple Music with a series of exclusive and regularly updating playlists.

Curated by the team here at Abbey Road Studios including our music library team and sequenced by our engineers, the three core studio playlists place landmark recordings from Studio One, Studio Two and Studio Three over the years in one place for the first time ever for you to explore.

Tracks will be popping up all the time, and other playlists for launch include UK ‘60s Psychedelic Rock at Abbey Road, the best of Classical Music and a selection of the best tracks cut to vinyl this year selected by our mastering team.

And there will be plenty more to come as we continue to celebrate our 85th year right through into 2017.

Get streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music.