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Proud partners of Hennessy® Very Special

Abbey Road Studios is proud to partner with Hennessy, to blend artists and genres together in unique musical moments at the studios. As part of a unique musical partnership, Hennessy and Abbey Road joined forces to create the ‘Masters of Potential’ programme. The platform was created to blend together unexpected artists from different genres and backgrounds, to create truly unexpected musical recordings at Abbey Road.

No stranger to the world of music, Hennessy has long been intertwined with music culture and referenced within the rap lyrics of some of the most prominent urban artists today. The Masters of Potential programme sees the brand creating one-off moments in Abbey Road’s two new studios, leaving both artists and fans with a unique legacy piece of music. The programme sees a panel of the music industry’s most respected insiders bring together artists to blend their sounds, musical histories and skill sets.

Blending Unexpected Artists

The first artists to feature on the Masters of Potential programme were Mancunian soul singer JP Cooper and musical poet, Kojey Radical. The artists came together along with JP Cooper’s ten-piece band to exclusively record the first and only live performance of Party as the first instalment in the Masters of Potential series. The double-sided vinyl also featured a live performance of the single, She’s On My Mind. Last July we brought together a new musical collaboration between UK rappers Krept & Konan and punk duo Slaves as the next phase in the Masters of Potential story.

The artists worked together for the first time to seamlessly fuse hip hop and punk to perform Told You/The Hunter. The result was a fiery anthem, laced with the urgent energy of both genres, recorded live to vinyl. As music and studio aficionados will be aware, the technical skill required of the recording and mastering engineers to capture live-to-vinyl recordings is incomparable. For a fan, the resultant product is an intimate piece of imperfect perfection; played back as a limited-edition vinyl or watched visually as behind the scenes video content, the one-off performance offering an insight into a level of artistry often lost in a modern-day release.
Quintessentially Hennessy, Hennessy Very Special is a reference in the art of blending for its unique style. Hennessy Very Special is the modern incarnation of Hennessy’s Three Star and the world’s most popular Cognac. The union of warm-hearted and full-bodied flavours, Hennessy Very Special endures through the ages and is for connoisseurs searching for a very special moment.

Demanding in its creation, yet immediately satisfying in its tasting, Hennessy Very Special marks its inimitable style across time. As a reflection of Hennessy’s know-how, Very Special’s audacious personality is the result of carefully selecting only the most expressive and distinctive eaux-de-vie. After several years of maturation in French oak casks, the eaux-de-vie are then blended with the mastery and consistency unique to the Maison Hennessy.

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