Hal Robinson

Archiving & Transfer Engineer

From an early age, music has played an integral role in Hal's life. Initially becoming an accomplished violinist and bassist, his interest and appreciation for the production of music developed throughout his teen years.

Combining his love for music and physics, Hal went on to study music and sound recording on the University of Surrey's Tonmeister course, where he was awarded the Niall Squire prize for best guitar performance.

Graduating with honours, Hal first interned at Black Saloon Studios where shortly after he became assistant mastering engineer. For the next three years, he gained a great deal of invaluable experience working on hundreds of albums by the likes of Bjork, Jamie xx, Tom Jones, Judas Priest and King Krule, to name just a few.

Considering himself somewhat of a purist, Hal brings a meticulous work ethic to the Abbey Road archive department where he spends most of his time studiously digitising analogue tape. He takes great pride in knowing that his work will allow these historical artefacts to be enjoyed for many years to come.
Hal also has a keen interest in the traditions of Jamaican vinyl and sound system culture, which sees him regularly travelling Europe in appreciation of the various collectives pushing the art of custom sound system design. His own record collection is not one to be taken lightly.