Tom Ashpitel


Tom’s first real interest in music began when he was given a drum kit for his 10th birthday. That interest soon became an obsession, and it wasn’t long until he learned to play the guitar and piano as well. After forming a band with friends, Tom began tracking demos at college which sparked a fascination with the process of recording music and he quickly took a shine to music production and sound engineering.
Tom studied the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey, where he recorded a variety of genres ranging from jazz to classical music. He landed a role as an in-house assistant and engineer at Brixton’s Dairy Studios as part of his placement year, working with a wide range of artists including Guy Garvey, Ezra Collective and Pa Salieu. After graduating in 2021, Tom did some freelance work at AIR Studios before joining the Abbey Road team at the beginning of 2022.


Bobby & Rowdy - DC (feat. Knucks)
Blind Faith - House Gospel Choir