Fred Rose


Having grown up in East London with musicians as parents, Freddy had music in his blood from a young age. In his early years he played a variety of classical instruments, learning the fundamentals of music, before going on to pursue electronic music production in his late teens and signing with San Francisco based record label DirtyBird under the name Bump Ugly. After several successful releases and DJing across Europe for four years, he decided that the lifestyle was not for him and it was time to take other aspects of music more seriously.
He began making library music for a tech house label called Cr2 Records, with all his packs reaching number one on Beatport's sample library charts. During this time, he also pursued an engineering career and became studio assistant / editor for Gabriel Prokofiev, a contemporary classical composer working in television. Alongside this, Freddy recorded student compositions at Kings College London on behalf of recording engineer Adaq Khan, and edited online courses for Sub Bass Academy, a music college in Waterloo. In 2018 when starting his degree in Music, Mixing & Mastering at the University of West London, he began producing and engineering for drill/trap artists including Taze, DoRoad and PR SAD. Since the age of 21, Freddy had periodically tried to get a role at Abbey Road Studios, as he always saw it as the world leader in quality recording, and after completing his degree he finally got the call to come and try out for the role.