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Abbey Road Masters is a unique label of cinematic music, producing soundtrack music for films that haven’t been made yet, all recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Working in collaboration with Universal Music’s Globe: Soundtrack & Score division, Abbey Road Masters is rooted in the traditions of the great library labels, but with a forward-thinking approach to A&R and production.

Abbey Road Masters' output is driven by the studio spaces, with album concepts tailored to the unique sound of Studios One, Two and Three, as well as newer rooms like the Gatehouse and the Front Room. Orchestral and score, rock and pop, and contemporary genre-bridging concepts that combine live recording with electronic production are the focus of the label, all with a cinematic twist.

Forging relationships with the likes of award-winning British film and television composers Michael Price (Sherlock, Dracula), Samuel Sim (The Dark Crystal, The Spanish Princess, Emma), Abbey Road Masters is also working alongside up and coming talent, like Jessica Dannheisser (The Queen and I, orchestration - Midsommar, Jackie), Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch (Rocks, Only You), Paul Saunderson (Three Identical Strangers, Trying) and Hugh Brunt (London Contemporary Orchestra, Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood).

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