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Mastering is the final stage in the production process and ensures that the music fits together seamlessly and that it is presented with the best possible sound. It involves editing and compiling the required mixes and tracks in production order, cleaning the audio to remove any unwanted blemishes or corruptions and polishing the mixed files. 

Abbey Road’s unrivalled combination of award-winning engineers and unique portfolio of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment has seen it become a leader in audio mastering. Our Online Mastering service makes the facilities at the world’s most famous recording studio available to anyone, anywhere.
 We have a range of stereo and surround mastering suites for creating a finished audio master, from mastering for a CD or audio files, cutting lacquer or copper vinyl, through to 5.1.

We can master to enhance both old and new recordings from any format: 78rpm or LP discs, analogue tape, digital master tape or audio file. 
Abbey Road has seen landmark recording by some of the world’s most popular artists, including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters and U2 – now you can add your name to the list.

Rich, New DeLoreans (Mastered by Geoff Pesche)
Rich, New DeLoreans (Mastered by Geoff Pesche)
You guys rule. Geoff is killer. Thank you so much for your quick turnaround!
Rich, New DeLoreans (Mastered by Geoff Pesche)
Martin (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Martin (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Dear Simon, thanks so much for the mastering - I love it, fantastic effort Bravo ! I can't wait to use Abbey Road again, thank you for your expertise, time and skill - so very much appreciated.
Martin (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Matt Brooks US, 'Brotherhood of Fools' (Mastered by Geoff Pesche)
Matt Brooks US, 'Brotherhood of Fools' (Mastered by Geoff Pesche)
When I first found out that Abbey Road offered online mastering services, I was excited but apprehensive. While I knew that the studio’s legacy almost guaranteed a great product, the thought of sending final track mixes to someone I’d never met in another country (and for sessions it would be impossible to sit in on) was a bit nerve-wracking, to say the least.

After initially having one track mastered at both Abbey Road and and a local studio and then comparing the two, however, the difference was night and day….Abbey Road’s mastering work won, hands-down. Geoff Pesche did an outstanding job with the rest of our album, and both he and Lucy Launder were an absolute pleasure to work with. Well worth the price and highly recommended!
Matt Brooks US, 'Brotherhood of Fools' (Mastered by Geoff Pesche), Simple Minds 'New Gold Dream' (Miles Showell, Half-Speed Master), Simple Minds 'New Gold Dream' (Miles Showell, Half-Speed Master)
OK, let’s cut straight to the chase, here. This album has been mastered superbly. It is simply a brilliant piece of work that is a credit to the brains behind its production, Miles Showell, the brightest and most innovative mastering engineer in the world at this moment in time., Simple Minds 'New Gold Dream' (Miles Showell, Half-Speed Master)
Guy St-Onge, Quebec, Canada "LOVE LOVE LOVE" (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Guy St-Onge, Quebec, Canada "LOVE LOVE LOVE" (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
I...sat in front of my speakers and...WOW! The sound was amazing. I could hear all the details of my arrangements and all the dynamics of the players. The sound stage was there, transparent and deep.
Superb mastering Mr. Gibson...the best mastering suite and the best mastering engineer a producer could hope for.
Guy St-Onge, Quebec, Canada "LOVE LOVE LOVE" (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Fede Falcone of Hitoploxus, Argentina "La Montaña" (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Fede Falcone of Hitoploxus, Argentina "La Montaña" (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
Please send our best regards to Simon Gibson, the work he did for our Album La Montaña was fantastic and we are very happy with the result! It really shows how great Abbey Road Studios is. A dream come true, the sound of this historic place in one record for a band from the South of Argentina....almost on the other end of the world, if you know what I mean! Next time I am in London I will have a bottle of Malbec Wine and the album ready for him as a gift!
Fede Falcone of Hitoploxus, Argentina "La Montaña" (Mastered by Simon Gibson)
David (Mastered by Andy Walter)
David (Mastered by Andy Walter)
Thanks for the fast turnaround. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! I really appreciate that you made this so easy and did such a fine job. Again, it is an honor for me, I will be sending you more files within the next few weeks.
David (Mastered by Andy Walter)
Equippers Revolution, New Zealand "My Heart Is Open" (Mastered by Andy Walter)
Equippers Revolution, New Zealand "My Heart Is Open" (Mastered by Andy Walter) sounds fantastic! Thank you so much! Love this service so much...has revolutionised my life!
Equippers Revolution, New Zealand "My Heart Is Open" (Mastered by Andy Walter)
Klover Jane, Washington, US (Mastered by Sean Magee)
Klover Jane, Washington, US (Mastered by Sean Magee)
Thank you for your help in all of this. We in Klover Jane are honored to have a track mastered at the famous Abbey Roads and look forward to getting it out to the world! Thanks to all the staff who helped bring our track to life.
Klover Jane, Washington, US (Mastered by Sean Magee)

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£90 (ex VAT)
  • Interaction with the engineer
    on your job
  • Guaranteed turn around of 5 days
  • Mastered WAV file ready for download on approval


    One set of revisions allowed on request
    Track duration up to 10 mins Upload is final once complete

the Engineer

You Want to Work With

£110 (ex VAT)
  • Choose your own Abbey Road engineer to work on your project
  • Interaction with the engineer
    on your job
  • Guaranteed turn around of 7 days
  • Mastered WAV file ready for download on approval


    One set of revisions allowed on request
    Track duration up to 10 mins Upload is final once complete

+ Optional add ons

You can add your chosen extras in the process of uploading tracks.

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What is mastering?

Mastering is the last stage in the process of putting a track (or release) out, adding the final polish to ensure that it sounds the best that it can in all possible playback situations and making sure that it fits together seamlessly so the sound doesn’t vary from track to track. Online mastering gives you access to Abbey Road’s world class facilities from anywhere on the planet, and after submitting a track it will be assigned to the most suitable engineer for the job and returned in whatever format your prefer – as a downloadable file or by post on CD or Vinyl.

Can I choose which engineer will master my track?

Yes you can, when you are submitting the project, though there will be an extra cost attached to this service... We suggest that you start by having a look through their past projects before making your choice. Please note, there is no option to attend the mastering session yourself.

How long will it take to master my track(s)?

Online mastering should take a maximum of 5 working days from the point of payment, subject to your engineer's workload. However if you need your track before this deadline we can master your track in 1-2 days. Simply choose the "FAST TRACK" option after you upload a track and it will be mastered within 1-2 days.

How will you deliver my track?

our track will either be uploaded to your account section, or sent to you in the post if you have requested to receive it in a physical format.

How can I pay?

Please upload your track, choose your engineer and add your billing address, pressing the continue button to move on to the next step each time. You will be then moved to a secure payment page where you need to put in your card details including name, number, expiry date and security code. We accept the following: Master Card, Visa Debit, Visa Delta, Visa Connect, Visa, Solo, Maestro. Please note that you will be charged the GBP price as presented on the website.

Help – I can’t log in!

Don’t panic. If you’ve lost your password or been logged out for whatever reason, you can reset your password or have your existing one emailed to you right here.

I need more help,

Then get in touch. The best way to contact us is via our website using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Remember to quote the relevant job number, which you can find on your account page.

I'm experiencing a problem with my payment, what should I do?

Log back in to your account and click the "Pay now" button displayed under the name of your project. Please make sure you have chosen the right type of card: Master Card, Visa Debit, Visa Delta, Visa Connect, Visa, Solo, Maestro. If the payment fails again you might need to ask your bank to see if there are any issues currently blocking your transactions. Please note that transactions are in GBP and if you are based outside UK your bank might have blocked the transaction for this reason.

How do I download my tracks?

To download your tracks you need to log in to your account, go to the relevant project and click on the blue "Job Ready" link. You will be able to open the file when it's ready.

I’m having problems with uploading my tracks, what should I do?

There are various reasons why this might occur and it can be due to the size of your track, the track being in the wrong format or using special characters in the name of your file and project (&$*% etc). Please make sure you only use letters and numbers in your project and file name. Your track should be no longer than 10 minutes and be in the format specified here.

What formats can I get my track in? CD? Vinyl? Digital download?

All of the above. We will supply a mastered 44.1kHz 16bit wav or AIFF file unless you specify a higher resolution file is required as well as post physical releases to you on your choice of CD or vinyl.

Will I hear from the engineer mastering my track directly?

Yes. If needed then our engineers will get in touch with you about your track directly using the messaging service. We will notify if you receive a message from them and you need to simply login into your account and click on messages to read and respond to messages.

Will you notify me when my track has been mastered?

Yes, you will receive an email letting you know your mastered track is ready to download.

What format should I send my track in?

WAV or AIFF please. Uncompressed stereo with a bit depth of at least 16bits (and maximum 24bits) with a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz up to 96kHz. No pre-processing using limiting or normalising – we need as much headroom as possible to work with to make sure that your tracks sound as good as possible when we master it.

**Please note** Track duration must be no longer than 10 minutes. Each version or mix of a track will be charged separately.

Can I get any revisions to my mastered track?

Yes, you are allowed 1 set of revisions on your mastered track. After that, however, any further alterations will be charged at £90 a track or £110 if you specify an engineer.

Can I access my account at any time to view my files?

Yes you can, just log in to your account using your desktop computer. Your mastered tracks will be stored there for one month after our initial upload.

Is VAT included in the price?

No. If applicable, VAT will be added to the price of your job, and displayed alongside your order on the checkout page right before payment. If you experience any problems please contact us, we are here to help.

Can I get my track mastered within a day?

Yes. Just choose the "FAST TRACK" option for 20GBP and we will get your track back to you within 48 hours. Please note that if you choose a specific engineer we cannot always guarantee 48 hours delivery from them If this is the case we will be in contact with you promptly to resolve the situation.

I've received a promotional code, what do I do with it?

Upload your tracks as normal - then when you get to the page with your billing address you will see an "Apply discount code" section on the right hand side (below the total sum). Please enter your code and click apply, you should see the change to the amount below.

Can I use special characters in my track name or project name?

Please do not use £$“ % / ,. ?! or any other special characters in your track and project name as this can cause problems.


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Lucy Launder

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