Audio Products

Get the Abbey Road Studios sound at home or abroad.


In a continuing effort to make Abbey Road Studios accessible to as many music makers as possible, musicians, engineers and producers can harness its inimitable sound from anywhere in the world.  
It is not just Abbey Road’s beautiful acoustics that make its recordings sound so distinctive - our award-winning engineers have worked tirelessly to develop innovative techniques and equipment that are synonymous with the Studios. 
Now the unique sounds of Abbey Road’s celebrated equipment, heard on some of the most popular recordings of all time, can be recreated using a diverse range of audio products.
Software plugins emulate the sound of remarkable devices, including the royal microphones used in the film The King’s Speech and the EMI TG12345 console involved in many landmark recordings such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon.

Our range of sampled instruments include drums and pianos, recorded by our expert engineering team in all three of Abbey Road’s studios, while hardware emulations of vintage EMI outboard gear recreate the sounds of Abbey Road’s classic recording equipment from the ‘60s and ‘70s.


Much of Abbey Road Studios’ prized vintage equipment was custom-built by EMI and Abbey Road technicians to meet the demands of pioneering artists. Together with partners Waves and Softube, we have created faithful software emulations of the unique devices and landmark recording techniques used at the Studios.

Sampled Instruments

Ever dreamed of playing a rare and sought-after instrument at Abbey Road Studios? Working with Native Instruments, Garritan and Cinesamples, we have created a range of authentic samples that will make you feel as if you are performing in one of our beautiful sounding rooms. A selection of exquisite vintage instruments have been lovingly recorded in the legendary studios to create samples that combine detailed realism with flexible and nuanced control.


Producers and engineers can now get their hands on a range of beautifully designed recording tools that capture the magical sound of Abbey Road equipment used in the 60s and 70s. Our hardware partner Chandler Limited has designed faithful recreations of equipment central to many landmark moments in the Studios. With all the character and unique charm of the originals - complimented with modern touches - these thoughtful recreations will add unique texture to any contemporary recording. Make your recordings stand out by experimenting with the lush sonic textures used by some of the most influential engineers in recording history, all before you enter the digital domain.