Jangle Box Piano by Spitfire

by Spitfire Audio
This truly iconic instrument, captured in the most famous recording space in the world, is now accessible to musicians of all levels, across the globe. The sounds have been meticulously sampled at Abbey Road Studio Two, mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Sam Okell (The Beatles remasters) and presented in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning plug-in. Four of the presets are presented in tack mode, ranging from close to balanced, while the two Mellow presets showcase the piano’s warm non-tack sound. Alongside the Close and Room signals, a Vintage signal, recorded using the original 1960s equipment — including the rare AKG D19 microphone recorded using the valve J37 tape machine via the REDD.47 mic pre-amp — authentically captures the iconic Abbey Road sound and the character of the songs that made the piano famous.
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