Mrs Mills Piano

by Spitfire Audio
This beloved Steinway Vertegrand from 1905 has been expertly recorded at its legendary home: Abbey Road, Studio Two. Full of character and nostalgic charm, with a bright, metallic tone owing to its lacquered hammers. A main stay at the studios since we opened in 1931 and made famous for its use on many ’60s pop era records, including The Zombies, Russ Conway and The Beatles, featuring prominently on Penny Lane and With A Little Help From My Friends. Recorded via the classic recording chain of D19 microphone, REDD.47 preamp and j37 tape machine, alongside modern setup’s including stereo room mics to capture the warm acoustics on Studio Two. The user can blend the various microphone arrays to taste and add some lush sounding 1950s Abbey Road Plate A for that extra touch.
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