Kevin Ayers names Peter Mew as "the best engineer I've ever worked with"

24 September 2008

Peter Mew, one of Abbey Road's most experienced and long-standing engineers, has been singled out for some high praise by Kevin Ayers, with whom Peter has recently been working on a 4 CD remastering project. Kevin, a founding member of the pioneering psychedelic band Soft Machine, recently finished working  with Peter on his newly-released solo anthology, entitled "Songs for Insane Times". This carries on a long history between the two, with Kevin's first three solo albums on EMI's Harvest label being recorded by Peter at Abbey Road between 1969 and 1971.

40 years later, Peter has now remastered the 4 CD anthology set which includes much of the material from these three albums. Kevin was recently speaking with Stuart Maconie on BBC6's Freak Zone show about Abbey Road and Peter Mew, waxing lyrical about how recording at Abbey Road in the 60s was like a "magical fairytale". Referring to a terrible hum on the original live recording of 'Shouting in a Bucket Blues', recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1973, Stuart remarks of the new anthology version, 'Peter Mew at Abbey Road [has] done a marvellous job, no hum detectable there!'

Kevin wholeheartedly agreed, stating that Peter is 'the best engineer I've ever worked with'.