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We wouldn’t be one of the best recording spaces in the world if we didn’t have some of the best recording equipment. Our exhaustive microphone collection encompasses the finest models from the past 60 years, while our carefully-selected loudspeakers provide equal clarity at the opposite end of the signal chain.
The AMS Neve 88RS consoles in Studios One and Two provide the latest in high quality analogue signal processing, we have SSL 9000J and Duality consoles in Studios Three and 52 respectively, and the AMS Neve DFC Gemini makes our Penthouse Studio one of the most powerful digital facilities available
Our extensive range of classic and modern outboard equipment from EMI, Fairchild, Urei, Lexicon and TC Electronic is used alongside the latest plugin offerings from Waves, Universal Audio and Sonnox, as well as those from our Abbey Road Studios plugins range. We have Pro Tools and Pyramix systems that can be combined with an array of interfaces, along with a wide and varied assortment of analogue and digital tape machines that are maintained to their original specifications.